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English Vocabulary medium

Below you will find an English vocabulary test with 13 words of a medium degree of difficulty. Select the correct meaning and then click on the answers button at the bottom of the page to find out your score. Have fun!

You can also get verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

Start the Test!

premium test
   1. Aspiration
  Striving for something higher
  Growing into something
  Following something
  Discovering something new
   2. Palindrome
  Mirror word
  Very realistic dream
  Astrological term
  Fishing boat
   3. Hermaphrodite
  Goddess of fertility
  Greek mythological being
  Type of worm
  Two-gendered being
   4. Hoarfrost
  Bad poem
  Frozen dew
  Fallen fruit
  Overdone music
   5. Dud
  Un-aimed projectile
  Not-exploded projectile
  Person with eye cover
   6. Epidermis
  Type of Orthodox prayer
  Layer of callous
  Outer layer of skin
  Inner layer of skin
   7. Duchess
  Noble lady
  Married noble woman
  Unmarried lady
  Unmarried noble lady
   8. Sepia
  Reddish brown colour
  Old Roman musical instrument
  Type of arthropodal
  Type of gland in the skin of amphibian
   9. Caucasian
  Not coloured
   10. Scoliosis
  Judicial deviation
  Wrong diagnosis
  Type of muscle disorder
  Twisting of the spine
   11. Gurnard
  Type of bird
  Type of snake
  Type of salt water fish
  Type of insect
   12. Fretting
  Wear at the asperities of contact surfaces
  Playing guitar
  Keeping ferrets
  Type of guitar-playing
   13. Cognitive
  Relating to observation through the senses
  Very well thought-out
  Related to knowing

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