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Verbal Analogies Medium

Below is a quiz with 13 double verbal analogies of medium difficulty. Have fun!

You can also get Operational/support verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

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1. ... stands to communication as weapen stands to ...
connection phone disclaimer talking shooting
army TV gun knife fighting
2. ... stands to order as judge stands to ...
felony punishing police law prison
judging busting law lawyer court
3. ... stands to sailing as bike stands to ...
boat wind white rope dust
lock biking wheel cheap traveling
4. ... stands to forgetting as angry stands to ...
knowing cheerful learning remembering reading
depressed lost joyed red happy
5. ... stands to sitting as bed stands to ...
lieing table ass feet couch
lieing chair back sheet jumping
6. ... stands to green as depressed stands to ...
yellow alien jealous grass power
cheerful sad blue red happy
7. ... stands to flag as hat stands to ...
banner nation pole eye hair
head feather clothes hair cap
8. ... stands to always as nowhere stands to ...
never many often always forever
there somewhere never everywhere sometimes
9. ... stands to Athens as Spain stands to ...
Greece Acropolis godess city Zeus
Mars Barcelona Madrid Mallorca France
10. ... stands to house as hair stands to ...
garage family roof residing architect
cutting barber fat knot head
11. ... stands to fingers as smelling stands to ...
hitting ring nails touching hand
face flower sense nose bad
12. ... stands to night as sun stands to ...
sleeping stars day black dark
soft white sky day rain
13. ... stands to paper as grain stands to ...
white writing book notebook wood
field farmer maize bread summer

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