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Verbal Analogies Hard

Below is a quiz with 16 of the hardest verbal analogies on the web. Can you solve them all? Good luck!

You can also get Operational/support verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

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1. ... stands to sorrow as laughing stands to ...
love tears crying disease drama
happiness teeth luck comedy lazy
2. ... stands to horse as hyena stands to ...
zebra farm tiger tame grazing
dog savannah wild bird safari
3. ... stands to geometry als equation stands to ...
math square teaching school complicated
symmetrical algebra equal study fitting
4. ... stands to aristocrat as sewer stands to ...
snob miljonair titel castle sophistication
filthy rat useful stench street
5. ... stands to meter as gram stands to ...
centimeter gauge volt measure milimeter
weight watt nickel kilogram balance
6. ... stands to month as twelve stands to ...
calender sun quarter date week
year four three number counting
7. ... stands to ankle as shoulder stands to ...
stomach double big hip belly
chest wrist shoulders small heel
8. ... stands to classic as young stands to ...
cool history band rock damsel
child old small future baby
9. ... stands to many as some stands to ...
large everywhere all less some
more enough legs none sometimes
10. ... stands to poetry as conversation stands to ...
book Shakespeare poem prose drama
scolding story radioshow dance song
11. ... stands to money as consumer tax stands to ...
letter stamp bank working mint
tax government alcohol beer paying
12. ... stands to pear as carrot stands to ...
orange tree fruit plume potatoe
apple kohlrabi dirt rabbit parsley
13. ... stands to warm als warm stands to ...
sun coffee hot fireplace adapted
tea cold summer sweater temperature
14. ... stands to passion as colour stands to ...
love emotion hart red feeling
jealousy green tree seeing pretty
15. ... stands to everywhere as when stands to ...
where somewhere how here nowhere
mostly everywhere often never always
16. ... stands to bar as mean stands to ...
drink boar rabbit police waiter
bandit insult boss sweet man

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