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Verbal Analogies Easy

Below is a quiz with 8 questions with relatively easy verbal analogies. Have fun!

You can also get Operational/support verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

Start the Test!

1. ... stands to cow as wool stands to ...
tame farm milk horns bull
expensive soft warm sweater sheep
2. ... stands to small as long stands to ...
narrow big point dwarf meter
giant stick high short waiting
3. ... stands to plane as train driver stands to ...
turbulence pilot fast Concorde flying
train machine everywhere technical oil
4. ... stands to racing as Maradona stands to ...
steer Schumacher car F1 brake
sliding footballshoe scoring field football
5. ... stands to looking as radio stands to ...
tv football eye hearing audience
DJ listening music electricity antenna
6. ... stands to food as thirst stands to ...
hunger bread meat soup cooking
salad beverage straw needle drinking
7. ... stands to burglary as police stands to ...
thief stealing adult robbery jewels
catching siren donut arrest uniform
8. ... stands to right as horizontal stands to ...
left up under between blinker
diagonal down vertical over perpendicular

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