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Simple choices that make you happy all day long

Happiness comes largely from what you choose for yourself, though of course the role of external forces and circumstances cannot be completely negated. So why not work on something that’s quite in our control? Small and seemingly trivial things may be sources of great joy, let’s explore some of them here.

Make space for your loved ones

If you’ve been too busy to think of your long lost friends, it’s time to take a break and invite them over for coffee or lunch. Spending quality time with family and friends sure does make you happy as you discuss troubles, laugh, discuss and forget your problems at least for a while. If meeting them isn’t possible, make it a point to call them or text them sometimes. Sending a greeting card on their birthdays and anniversaries is great joy.

Sleep for that extra hour

Busy schedules often leave little time for you to enjoy one of the most important activities of the brain- sleep. Less than sufficient sleep has its own consequences, the most apparent of which is irritability and that definitely doesn’t allow you to be happy. It’s fine to start your day bit late on some days; turn off the alarms and get ready for that wholesome sleep that you badly need. When you wake up, you’ll know for yourself what kind of impact good sleep has on your body as well as mind.

Take a different route to work

Boredom and monotony almost never give you happiness. Whenever possible, break the monotony to explore newer things in life. It could be something as simple as taking a new route to the place where you travel daily. Try changing the menu for example and substitute the regular foodstuffs with something new that you like. Take a ride on the public transport system instead on using your car. The fun lies in not just doing different things, but doing things differently.

Make travel plans

This one is not to make you travel more and promote absenteeism from office. If you are a travel enthusiast, making a travel plan for your next vacation can be something really exciting to do. Take a pen and paper, research the net, have your budget ready and there you go; happiness will chase you all day long as you look forward to your plans coming true and that makes you work with more vigor.

Exercise more

An article in The New York Times once mentioned the ‘scientific seven minute workout’ as research proves that exercise stimulates the brain. If your exercise regularly, try increasing your workout time today and experience the fruits of those extra minutes that you spent. If you do not exercise, do not wait for a good day- start right away. Start gradually to avoid muscular soreness. Exercise is addictive so far as happiness is concerned since it releases some ‘feel good’ hormones from the brain that keep you cheerful all day long.