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Syllogisms medium

Below is a quiz with 13 questions about syllogisms of medium difficulty.

Weak syllogisms are considered correct. This means that if “all humans are brooms” is true, “some humans are brooms” is also true. Also you are allowed to assume that every mentioned category contains multiple members. Have fun!

Prepare for logical reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

Start the Test!

1. a. All streets are routes of transportation.
  b. No streets are racing tracks.

  Conclusion is: Some racing tracks are not routes of transportation.
2. a. All men are brothers.
  b. All brothers are fathers.

  Conclusion is: Some fathers are men.
3. a. No movie stars are comedians.
  b. All producers are movie stars.

  Conclusion is: Some comedians are no producers.
4. a. All bikes are transport.
  b. Some bikes are hometrainers.

  Conclusion is: No transports are hometrainers.
5. a. No addicts are drug users.
  b. No drug users are alcoholics.

  Conclusion is: All addicts are alcoholics.
6. a. All stones are rocks.
  b. All rocks are mountains.

  Conclusion is: Some mountains are stones.
7. a. No A’s are B’s.
  b. No B’s are C’s.

  Conclusion is: All A’s are C’s.
8. a. All mountains are hills.
  b. All Mount Everests are mountains.
  All hills are Mount Everests
  All Mount Everests are hills
  No hills are Mount Everests
  No mountains are Mount Everests
9. a. All houses are residences.
  b. All sheds are residences.
  Some sheds are houses
  All houses are sheds
  No houses are sheds
  None of the above
10. a. Some bosses are employees.
  b. All employees are elderly.
  Some employees are no elderly
  Some bosses are elderly
  Some bosses are no elderly
  None of the above
11. a. A car is no boat.
  b. Some boats are water bicycles.
  No boats are water bicycles
  Some water bicycles are no cars
  Some cars are no water bicycles
  None of the above
12. a. A bird is no fish.
  b. Some fish are sharks.
  No fishes are sharks
  Some sharks are no birds
  No sharks are birds
  Some birds are no sharks
13. a. All divers are adventurers.
  b. No divers are wimps.
  No adventurers are wimps
  No wimps are adventurers
  Some adventurers are no wimps
  None of the above

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