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Syllogisms hard

Below is a quiz with 21 of the hardest multiple-choice questions about syllogisms you will find on the web.

Weak syllogisms are considered correct. This means that if “all humans are brooms” is true, “some humans are brooms” is also true. Also you are allowed to assume that every mentioned category contains multiple members. Have fun!

Prepare for logical reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

Start the Test!

1. a. All smart asses are dumb asses.
  b. Some bad asses are smart asses.
  All dumb asses are bad asses
  Some dumb asses are bad asses
  No bad asses are dumb asses
  Some bad asses are no dumb asses
2. a. All cities have houses.
  b. All lands have cities.
  All houses have lands
  All lands have houses
  Not all houses have lands
  None of the above
3. a. All kitchens have closets.
  b. All closets have shelves.
  Some kitchens have no shelves
  All shelves have kitchens
  All kitchens have shelves
  None of the above
4. a. All ambulances are life savers.
  b. No ambulances are bumper cars.
  No life savers are bumper cars
  No bumper cars are life savers
  Some life savers are no bumper cars
  None of the above
5. a. All dogs are brown.
  b. All pitbulls are brown.
  Some pitbulls are dogs
  Some pitbulls are no dogs
  All pitbulls are dogs
  None of the above
6. a. Some books are no reference books.
  b. All books are encyclopedias.
  Some reference books are no encyclopedias
  No reference books are encyclopedias
  All reference books are encyclopedias
  None of the above
7. a. All students are nerds.
  b. All teachers are nerds.
  Some teachers are no students
  No students are teachers
  All student are teachers
  None of the above
8. a. No trousers are clothing.
  b. No sweaters are trousers.
  Some sweaters are clothing
  Some clothing are sweaters
  All sweaters are clothing
  None of the above
9. a. Some women are mothers.
  b. All mothers are blonds.
  No blonds are mothers
  Some mothers are no blonds
  Some women are blonds
  Some women are no blonds
10. a. All glasses are windows.
  b. All glasses are binoculars.
  All windows are binoculars
  Some windows are no binoculars
  Some binoculars are windows
  None of the above
11. a. All children are naggers.
  b. Some children are whiners.
  No naggers are whiners
  All naggers are whiners
  Some naggers are whiners
  None of the above
12. a. No horses are molluscs.
  b. All crabs are horses.
  No crabs are molluscs
  Some horses are no crabs
  All molluscs are crabs
  None of the above
13. a. Some cars are four-wheelers.
  b. All cars are tricycles.
  No tricycles are four-wheelers
  All four-wheelers are tricycles
  Some tricycles are four-wheelers
  None of the above
14. a. All wires are strings.
  b. Some tubes are wires.
  Some strings are tubes
  All tubes are strings
  No strings are tubes
  None of the above
15. a. No computers are televisions.
  b. All radios are televisions.
  All radios are computers
  No radios are computers
  All computers are radios
  None of the above
16. a. Some AB is CD.
  b. No CD is EF.
  Some AB is No EF
  Some EF is AB
  No AB is EF
  None of the above
17. a. All paths have stones.
  b. All areas have paths.
  All stones have areas
  All areas have stones
  No stones have areas
  None of the above
18. a. All schools are buildings.
  b. Some schools are tents.
  No buildings are tents
  All buildings are tents
  Some buildings are tents
  None of the above
19. a. Some appartements have electricity.
  b. Some boats have electricity.
  Some appartements have boats
  Some boats have appartements
  No boats have appartements
  None of the above
20. a. All fungi are bacteria.
  b. Some mushrooms are fungi.
  All bacteria are mushrooms
  No mushrooms are bacteria
  Some mushrooms are bacteria
  None of the above
21. a. No *** are ###.
  b. Some ^^^^ are ###.
  No ^^^^ are ***
  Some *** are no ^^^^
  Some ^^^^ are no ***
  None of the above

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