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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device.

Why are cookies used?
Cookies are used by website owners, among other things, to make websites better, to improve the user experience and / or to be able to display targeted advertisements.

Which cookies does Fibonicce use?

– Functional cookies
Cookies that are necessary for using Fibonicci, for example remembering completed tests. You do not have to give permission for this.

– Cookies for website analysis
We use Google Analytics to keep track of our visitor statistics. This system keeps track of which pages our visitors view, where they come from and clicks on, which browser and screen resolution they use and much more. We use this informative to get a better picture of our visitors and to optimize our site accordingly. Fibonicci uses Google Analytics.

– Cookies from Advertising Companies and external parties such as social media
Advertising companies measure the success of their campaigns, the potential interest of the visitor and desired preferences. If an advertising company has banners on multiple websites, the data on this website can be combined to create a better profile. This allows advertisers to place their cookies on multiple sites and get a detailed picture of the user’s interest. It may be possible to display more targeted and relevant ads. For example, after visiting a web store on other sites, you can get banners with the products or similar products that you viewed. Otherwise, the website owner cannot see those cookies.
Ads with these tracking cookies can be placed on Fibonicci. Permission you give permission.

Moreover, there are more parts that can provide a tracking cookie. These are used by the content partners to analyze on which sites their users are active and how their services are presented. Think of videos from for example youtube, photos of services such as flicker google, imgur picasa and for example ‘such as buttons of content from social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Fibonicci uses we parts of Facebook, Istagram, Youtube, Google Maps

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Cookie policy Fibonicci

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