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Assessment Preparation

How to prepare yourself for an assessment? When the time has arrived for you to have your assessment test, it is always useful to enter it well prepared, regardless of the type of person you are. A good assessment preparation can relieve nerves and gives you the chance to get the most out of yourself that day.


Assessment preparation advice

A good assessment preparation always begins with going through the information obtained. The assessment agency where your assessment will take place will usually provide you with a folder with information regarding the time-frame, the tests and the location. You should read this information so that you know what you can expect and what to prepare for!

Fulfillment of criteria
Next, you should give some thought as to what you would hope to achieve. For this it is recommended that you study the competencies desired by the commissioning party, in order to figure out what kind of person they are looking for. This way you can determine whether you can meet their requirements and you can subsequently highlight your relevant abilities to the assessors, so that they realize your suitability for the position in question.

Make sure that you practice a lot! This not only applies to the aptitude tests, which you will most likely score better on if you practice. You should also practice role playing and interviews. What would you do in certain situations? How would you respond and why? These are essential questions that help to determine your personality and are just as important as the capacity test.

A good assessment preparation also involves having a good night’s sleep in order to make you both physically and mentally prepared. Maintain a normal pattern in terms of sport and physical activities for several days prior to the test day, but do make sure to take plenty of rest so you will be completely fit.

Choice of clothing
In addition to being well-rested it is important also to take care of your appearance as, in a sense, you are going to sell yourself, and your appearance will be part of that process. Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing that would be appropriate to present yourself in once you are working in the organisation. A fit, good-humored and well-dressed person always sells better.

Curriculum Vitae
Make sure you have an up-to-date CV with a good career description. It is possible that you might have to present this during an assessment in order for them to get an idea of your personality and ambitions.


assessment preparation

You will be told in advance where and what time you are expected at what agency. Find out what will be the least stressful way to get there. It is a good idea to leave your house slightly earlier than you really need to in order to arrive at the agency relaxed. Traffic stress can often lead to worse presentations, something that can be prevented with just some simple preparation.

Prepare for the interviews you will face on assessment days with JobTestPrep’s competency interview training.

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