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Assessment Day

What to expect from the assessment day? Make sure that you arrive at the agency in time, relaxed, well dressed and prepared. It is quite normal that, despite all the preparations, you still are nervous and that the tension is now beginning to get to you. Remember that this will be the same for all your fellow candidates and that a mild form of tension will keep you sharp and can even increase your performance.

Assessment day

Upon arrival you will be welcomed in a friendly way and you will be introduced to the other candidates who will have the same assessment as you. It is possible that they are competing for the same vacancy as you. However, try to not look at these people as rivals as this might have a negative effect on you. Just be yourself and be friendly, which should work best in this type of situation. Next, the outline of the day will be discussed in order to give you an idea of what you can expect, if you don’t already know this. After this it is possible, depending on the size of the group, that you will be divided into groups to start the first part of the assessment.

Assessment Test

During the assessment test, you will have to interact with various people, including certified psychologists, assessors and possibly actors. All these people will assess you on different skills, after which an overall profile of you will be drawn up; this will be sent to the client.

  • The psychologist will in most cases carry out a psychological study in order to try and draw up your psychological profile.
  • At the beginning of each section the assessors will explain what the intention is and what is possibly expected of you. In addition an assessor will try to reassure you and to make you feel at ease, so you perform at your best during the day.
  • The actors are mainly active in the role playing element. They will enter into their role to their best ability in order to make it as difficult as possible for you. Try to figure out what their underlying thoughts are, so you can retain control of the conversation.



The most important thing on taking an assessment test or aptitude test, regardless of which part, is that you remain calm and relaxed. When you think clearly, listen carefully to the instructions and stay calm you will be able to get the most out of yourself. Do not present yourself as someone else, just because you think that is expected of you, this could all be staged after all. Try to present yourself correctly, regardless of the tension you are undoubtedly feeling and show everybody that you are the best candidate for the job.

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