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Assessment Test Training

Are you searching for assessment test training? Do you want to learn how to prepare for an assessment? What you can expect on the assessment day? Are there any useful tips? And do you want to be the most suitable person for this job and that you stick out from the crowd? The information to all these questions, together with the appropriate resources can be found below in order to prepare you for your assessment test in a structured and efficient manner.


Assessments as a selection tool

Whether you are a starter on the job market, or have been working for some time in a company, there comes a time when you are asked by your (possibly future) boss to go through an assessment. in order to obtain a picture of the candidates. Assessments are used more and more as a selection tool for a job application procedure, Assessments, often referred to as psychometric testing are nothing more then personal evaluations and consist of two parts:


Psychometric Assessment Tests

In general, the aptitude tests determine how smart you are and the personality tests determine if your personality fits with the job description. Since it is often the case that the candidate does not know what to expect, these assessment tests might be approached with a sense of unease. Being well-prepared helps to dissipate this feeling, and this can be achieved by practicing the aptitude tests and reading about what to expect during an assessment.

Assessment Information

In order to provide you with the best possible preparation Fibonicci has also team-up with JobTestPreb. JTP is a leading company in providing Professional, tailored preparation resources. To prepare for the interviews you will face on assessment days we recommend JobTestPrep’s competency interview training.