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10 habits that successful people have

Everyone wants to be successful, most know what brings success, but very few actually follow the path. If you take a close look at what successful people in general do and behave like, you are sure to find some commonalities. Most successful people are rigid in following these habits and when habits become character, success follows you. Research also shows that particular habits go a long way in defining one’s output and efficiency at work and everywhere else. Though works of Stephen Covey speak volumes about such highly researched habits of successful, take a look at the ten habits that most successful people follow.

Eating healthy

What if the food that fuelled you was unhealthy and harmful to your system? Would you still be able to give your best? Certainly not, and that’s exactly what successful people firmly believe and follow by resisting the urge to eat unhealthy (and often delectable) foodstuffs and incorporating in their diet only foods that make them feel energetic throughout the day.

Regular exercise

Healthy food and regular exercise are the two crucial pillars of good health. Follow regular exercise schedules to avoid chronic health disorders and keep yourself pepped up throughout the day.

Early to bed, early to rise

Heard of anyone successful who doesn’t leave the bed until 11 a.m.? Extremely rare. You are not being asked to be up before sunrise, but wake up early enough to finish all your plans for the day so that you can sleep early. Following consistent sleep patterns is necessary for mental health.

Talk less

No successful person goes about blowing his own trumpet about his plans, achievements, etc. keeping your thoughts and ideas to yourself and for yourself is much better than blurting them out to everyone and never working on them. In Corley’s study, about 12% of rich people share their plans with others, compared to a whopping 70% of the poor- that makes the difference clear.

Keep the to- do list handy

Successful people are always focused on doing what is required of them and so as not to skip doing any of the to- do’s, they always maintain a checklist to remind them of their tasks and goals. Organizing thoughts on paper is a good way of avoiding slips in your daily chores.

Take time to update

Successful people are not expected to be reliable encyclopedias, but they at least remain updated with most things that concern their goals. Read newspaper, subscribe to relevant newsletters and keep your ears open to anything that has to do with your work.

Awareness of personal goals

People who have clarity on what precisely they want to achieve are more likely to be successful than those who work hard towards something that doesn’t have a well- defined end result. Make a list of your personal goals, prioritize them and then begin to work towards the same.

Cut out wasteful activities

Make a list of all that you do on a typical day. Arrange them in order of importance and urgency. Things that fall at the bottom may probably be taking more time than you can afford to give them. These activities may include watching TV, talking over the phone for long hours, etc. Slowly reduce the time you devote to these activities and you will be left with more time to accomplish more tasks.

Have a hobby

Though all of us have hobbies but not many of us really pursue them regularly- very few, and those few stand good chances of success since leisure activities prove to be effective stress busters and charge you well to take a heavy round of work until you spend some time with your favorite pastime again.

Do not forget friends and family

In pursuit of success, be conscious enough to keep in touch with your loved ones from time to time. Also, take time to socialize with them whenever feasible.