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English Vocabulary hard

Below you will find 21 difficult words to challenge your English vocabulary to the extreme. Select the correct meanings and then click on the result button at the bottom of the page for you score. Have fun!

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   1. Alb
  Festival outfit
  Ceremonial mitre
  White vestment
  Type of seabird
   2. Palimpsest
  Reused piece of parchment
  Palindrome with more than 20 character
  Protest letter
  Medieval proof of indemnity
   3. Xenophobia
  Fear of spiders
  Fear of extra-terrestrial life
  Fear of crowded places
  Fear of strangers
   4. Allotropy
  The ability to move freely between different energy levels
  The ability of a substance to appear in more than 1 form
  Science related to tropical rain forests
  Study that looks for connections between different areas of contemporary science
   5. Soigné
  Paid by value documents other than bills
  Carefully or elegantly done, operated, or designed
  Evening dress
   6. Ricin
  Type of vegetable
  Toxic proteine
  Type of vegetable
   7. Ostensible
  Type ceremonial circle
  American vacation house
  Appearing to be true
   8. Clavichord
  Type of keyboard instrument
  Type of percussion instrument
  Roman prayer pavilion for several gods
  Roman army unit
   9. Amphibrach
  Three-syllable metrical foot with the accent on the middle one
  Three-legged creature that can flourish in water as well as on land
  Organ that allow amphibians to breath under water
  Type of poetry style
   10. Consolidate
  Make larger
  Take possession of
  The merger of companies into much larger ones
  Convert from a game to a gaming computer
   11. Vasomotor
  Of great influence on large locomotion
  Of influence on the size of blood vessels
  Of influence on fine locomotion
  Of influence on the blood flow
   12. Parhelion
  Sun dog
  Type of star position seen from the earth
  Type of meteorological situation
  Type of helium
   13. Ulcerating
  Gathering of type of church community
  Type of ancient Roman ritual
  Part of a kidney
   14. Panopticum
  Mediaeval telescope
  Optical illusions
  Mayan building to observe the stars
  Waxworks museum
   15. Ultramontane
  Directed outward
  Supporter of political Catholicism
  Very chauvinistic
   16. Congestion
  Type of Christian prayer service
  Type of artery
  Accumulation in a network
  Christian church community
   17. Androgyne
  Type of medicine
  Type of hormone
  Two-gendered being
  Type of salt water fish
   18. Paralogism
  Fallacious reasoning
  Story with a deeper meaning
   19. Rosinante
  Type of leather
  Type of horse
  Type of red dye
  Bad horse
   20. Comorbidity
  Two-part disease rate
  The presence of two fatal illness simultaneously in one patient
  Causing a life-threatening situation by 2 or more diseases in a patient
  The presence of several disorders simultaneously in one patient
   21. Convocation
  Gathering of rulers
  A group of people formally assembled for a special purpose
  Name for a group of witches in the Middle Ages
  Consequence of measures previously taken