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English Vocabulary easy

Below you will find a relatively easy English vocabulary test with 8 words. Select the correct meaning and then click on the answers button at the bottom of the page to find out your score. Have fun!

You can also get verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep.

Start the test!

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   1. Judgment of Solomon
  Opinion of person in charge
  Verdict in difficult dispute
   2. Regression
  Going back to an earlier stage
  Doing something again
   3. Ouzo
  Strong drink with milk
  Strong drink with pepper
  Strong drink with lemon
  Strong drink with anise
   4. Royalty
  Liberally filled sandwich
  Rich person
  Percentagewise honorarium
   5. Yuppie
  Person with minimal education
  Highly educated young person
  Rich youth
  Successful person
   6. Capsize
  Keel over
  Cut down trees
  Make a patch in densely overgrown area
   7. Serpent
  Sea monster
  Stocky cat
   8. Jackdaw
  Large bird of prey
  Painful foot
  Smallest type of crow