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Synonyms Test

How good is your knowledge of the English language? How many synonyms do you know? Test and expand your vocabulary with our synonym tests consisting of multiple choice exercises spread over three difficulty levels! A synonym of a word is a word in the same language that has approximately the same meaning. In the tests below, a word is given followed by four possible synonyms.

Synonyms test example:


A. Table
B. Chair leg
C. Seat
D. Cabinet

A synonym of chair is seat, so the right answer is C: Seat. When doing the tests, look at the box for the correct synonym. When you have completed all the synonyms, click the "answers" button to see how many you got right.

You can also get verbal reasoning tests just like the ones used by employers with JobTestPrep. For searching for synonyms online you can visit Thesaurus

Click on a difficulty level below to start the synonyms test of your choice. Have fun!

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