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Psychometric Tests

Most employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process. In the vast majority of cases, these tests are supplied by special assessment companies who outsource their psychometric and aptitude test batteries to be used by employers.

When preparing for a job interview it’s very important to find out which specific test provider will be supplying the psychometric tests. While all these companies provide similar test types (Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Situational Judgment etc), each test provider has a particular method and style of testing.

For this reason, preparing for a particular company will give you a huge advantage at assessment centers and interviews.

Psychometric test providers

One of the most widely used and well-known companies are SHL but they are only one of many different examples. Here is a list of links to membership practice packages of the major psychometric test provider companies:

job test prep Psychometric Test Providers

You can get hold of practice tests tailored for each one of these companies with JobTestPrep. If you plan on applying for a number of different companies you might want to consider their Premium membership package as it includes all of their practice packs for one fixed price.


More Information about Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests have been developed to identify a individual’s personality and to quantify his ability to perform certain reasoning tasks or aptitudes. In short, psychometrics tries to measure (metrics) an individual’s mind or psyche (psycho). These tests have in development over many years and more specific test have been developed for specific groups defined by age, type of job and so on. Nowadays, many psychometric tests can be done online, but they are often only used as a preliminary screening and when you pass this round a few candidates are asked to visit an actual assessment centre.


Types of psychometric test

In general, psychometric tests for can be divided into two categories, i.e. aptitude- and personality tests.

Aptitude tests

Aptitude or ability tests are those that are designed to assess your reasoning or cognitive ability and are often timed tests

Personality questionares

There a many models for personality tests, and a well known and widely used model in psychology is Psychotisme Extraversion Neuroticism, abbreviated as PEN model.

  • PEN model personality test (Eysenck)

The model was developed by Eysenck who has done pioneering work in the study of personality and presents a number of yes or no questions that you have to chose from. Other personality tests identify an individuals personality by forcing them to chose between certain situations. For example, would you rather watch tv or read a book?

Personality questionnaires are often aimed to give insights in the following parameters:

  1. Team Player
  2. Leadership potential
  3. Competency potential
  4. Development needs
  5. Moral Values


How do I pass a psychometric test?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers in personality tests, and aptitude tests are often used as a starting point for recruitment. When taking these tests, make sure you:

  • Read the instructions carefully;
  • Work through accurately;
  • Be honest;

Practise so that you’re not distracted by the style or formatting of questions; pay attention to what you’re being asked but don’t dwell for long – move to the next question if you’re unsure.


Where can I practice psychometric tests?

Your careers or employability service may provide training or practice in a range of psychometric tests. It’s also worth visiting the website of the organisation to which you are applying, as some large companies provide practice testing and coaching on how to improve scores, although there may be a cost.