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Word Problems Medium

Below you will find 13 word problems of a medium degree of difficulty. Select the correct answers and press the answers button at the bottom of the page to obtain your score. A calculator or scrap paper may be used! Good luck!

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   1. Leonardo sells an invention for € 1650. The customer can pay in 3 instalments. The first time he pays 2/5 of the total price. The second time he pays half of the remaining total. How much will Leonardo receive when the last payment is made?
  € 165,00
  € 495,00
  € 445,00
  € 550,00
   2. Leonardo will be publishing his first book in 17 days. Today is Tuesday the 23rd of February. On which day will Leonardo be publishing his book?
  Not enough information given for an accurate calculation
   3. Leonardo is looking for a catering company that can provide the food for this 50th birthday. He is given the following price estimates: Ulti-Eat € 800 call-out charges + € 10 pp; Munchers € 20 pp; Uberchef € 650 call-out charges + € 12 pp; La Cuisine € 1000 call-out charges + € 8 pp. He is expecting 90 guests at his birthday party. Which catering company is the cheapest?
  La Cuisine
   4. How much is 6 m – 1 mm – 9 dm – 2 cm?
  0,5079 m
  507,9 m
  5,079 m
  50,79 m
   5. Leonardo sees 23 boats in Venice. 2 boats have 14 people on-board each. 1/3 of the remaining boats have 4 people on-board. 3 people are on-board on each of half of the boats that have not yet been specified. 2 people are on each boat of the remaining ones. How many people are there on all boats when taken together?
  63 persons
  84 persons
  98 persons
  91 persons
   6. Leonardo drives from Pisa to Milan at an average speed of 380 km/hour in his new Bugatti Veyron. It takes him 45 minutes. When he comes back, there is a traffic queue. The traffic queue is 15 km long and it takes him 1.5 hours to get through it. Next, an 80 km road section follows with slow traffic that drives at 40 km/hour. Because it is so busy, the average speed that he can attain when driving through the remaining section is only 190 km/hour. How long does it take Leonardo to drive back?
  4,5 hours
  4 hours
  3 hours
  5 hours
   7. Leonardo earns € 18 an hour. He works 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. He works 6 hours on Saturdays and gets paid 150% of his normal wage. Leonardo works 4 hours in overtime every fortnight. He is paid 200% of his normal wage for overtime. How much does Leonardo earn a week?
  € 954,-
  € 1026,-
  € 900,-
  € 810,-
   8. Leonardo buys 3 notebooks to write things down in that each cost € 3.40. He also buys 6 pencils and 3 rubbers. The pencils cost € 0.60 each. The rubbers cost € 0.50 each. Currently, the shopkeeper has an offer for a pencil and rubber bought together for € 1. How much does he have to pay in total?
  € 15,30
  € 16,20
  € 8,20
  € 15,00
   9. Leonardo has bought a flock of sheep. He owns 60 + ¼ of his total quantity of sheep. How many sheep does Leonardo own?
  80 sheep
  70 sheep
  75 sheep
  90 sheep
   10. Leonardo has invented a new bicycle. He decides to test it on a 30 km track. He starts at a speed of 30 km/hour. He keeps it up for half an hour and, next, his speed drops by 5 km/hour. Every 12 minutes his speed drops by another 5 km/hour. How long will it take him to cover the track?
  1 hour 15 min
  1 hour 30 min
  1 hour
  He will never arrive
   11. Leonardo has a swimming pool that is 2 m high, 4 m wide and 6 m long. How many litres of water does he need to fill the swimming pool completely?
  480 L
  48.000 L
  48 L
  There is not enough information given to calculate this
   12. A bag contains 26 red, 52 black and 39 yellow marbles. Leonardo takes out 1 marble. What is the probability that he will take out a yellow marble?
   13. Today it is Friday the 18th of June. It will be Leonardo's weeding anniversary in 45 days. On which date did Leonardo get married?
  1st of August
  3rd of August
  31st of August
  2nd of August