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Word Problems Aptitude Test

Practice word problems for assessments, psychometric tests or aptitude tests? Word problems are mathematical problems interwoven in a small story. Assessment agencies use this type of problems a lot since they can be effectively used to measure arithmetic and numerical reasoning skills and a testee’s skill for understanding underlying concepts within a descriptive problem. This is determined by the speed with which you can solve these word problems correctly and you can, naturally, practice this.

Word problems example:

When Leonardo turns 9, his height is 1.20 m.
His height increases by 0.06 m a year during the next 5 years.

What will Leonardo’s height be when Leonardo turns 14?

The correct answer is 1.50 m. This can be calculated as follows: 1.20 m + (5 years * 0.06 m/year) = 1.20 m + 0.30 m = 1.50 m. Below 3 tests with problems are provided that are divided over 3 degrees of difficulty. You are allowed to use a calculator and a scrap paper with these tests.

Enjoy and good luck!

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