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Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test

Practice numerical reasoning for aptitude tests, psychometric tests or IQ tests.

Numerical reasoning problems are a certain type of numeracy problems which make the testee reason with numbers from graphs and or tables to find the correct solution.

Below are 3 tests consisting of numerical reasoning problems of varying difficulties. These tests are specifically designed to increase your numerical reasoning ability. All questions are accompanied by some form of graphical information(e.g. graphs, tables, charts). For example:

Numerical Reasoning example:

Table of water usage in Milan and Barcelona in 2005 and 2010

Numerical reasoning example

How many households used less then 2000 m3 of water in Milan in 2010?

A. 511.000
B. 511
C. 587.000
D. 253.000
E. Cannot say

The answer to this question is C. 587.000. Simply add up all the numbers in the Milan 2010 column except the bottom value of households who used 2000+ liters. This gives: 12 + 33 + 289 + 253 = 587 which has to be multiplied by 1000, since the numbers in the table are x1000, so 587.000 households is the correct answer.

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