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Mental Arithmetic Aptitude Test

Mental arithmetic practice for aptitude tests, psychometric tests, IQ-tests, assessments school or work? Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, square roots, can you still do it without a calculator? Mental arithmetic is always part of aptitude tests and psychometric tests either directly or indirectly. So this skill is important to develop. Below are three mental arithmetic tests to practice.

Mental Arithmetic Aptitude example:

2   x   26   =

Enter the correct answer in the text box behind the question, here the correct answer is 52.

It has been scientifically proven numerous times that mental arithmetic is a simple matter of practice. The idea is mostly to be as fast as possible and by doing it, you'll learn to solve problems faster. In Mental arithmetic everybody develops his own mental study aids in time and to develop these you'll have to practice as many problems as possible. At some point you'll learn to recognize certain combinations and you will be able to solve them instantly. With enough practice the human mind can beat any calculator. Check Scott Flansburg, the human calculator if you don't believe this. Mental arithmetic is a matter of practice. Just try it and you'll notice improvement soon enough. Have fun and good luck!

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