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Practice Fractions

Calculations with fractions are an important element of modern day mathematics. Practice these calculations to learn to recognize different types and increase your aptitude for working with them. Historically, every number which wasn’t an integer represented a “fraction” and the numbers that we now call “decimals” were originally called “decimal fractions”. Calculating with fractions requires a special insight that you need to develop which will also help the development of your mathematical skills in general. Below are three aptitude tests of varying difficulties to practice fractions and hone your math skills.

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Practice fractions example:

?    =   8 4  

The answer to this question is 2. The outcome of this fraction is an integer. The answer is easy to imagine if one divides 8 apples over 4 people. Everyone will then get two apples. Click one of the tests below to practice type of test of your choice. Have fun!

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