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Assessment Result

After about one week you can expect the assessment result in the form of a report written by a psychologist. A follow up discussion will take place based on this report; this could be either in person or over the phone. The results of the assessment are mostly represented by a level indicator as well as a general opinion with regards to the position applied for. The general opinion in particular which globally runs from positive, unsure or negative will be an indication for the employer to determine your suitability for the position in question.

At the end of this follow up discussion you have the option whether or not to send the results to the employer; the psychologist has to respect your choice. You must take into account the fact that not disclosing your assessment results could have negative consequences for you, irrespective of the type of assessment you have taken part in. Your (potential future) boss has enabled you to take part in this assessment in order to get an idea of your skills, aptitude, capacities, potential ambitions, interests and future opportunities in the business.

Once you have decided (or not) to pass your assessment results on to the employer you must then wait on his/her response. If you have completed a development-, career or theme driven assessment you will probably have a discussion with your boss within a couple of weeks to discuss your future in the business which could possibly result in new job opportunities.


assessment result

If it’s a selection-, or online assessment test then you will be contacted by HR within a couple of weeks to let you know whether you have been taken on for the position in question. In the case of rejection it is important to always ask why you were unsuitable for the job; this will allow you to improve and hopefully do better next time.

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