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About the Fibonicci Team

The Fibonicci team consists of 2 persons namely Bob Smeets and Pedro Notermans and the idea for Fibonicci was devised in the year 2007. We had just finished our educations and were applying for jobs. We live in The Netherlands and here it is common to do a psychometric test in the application process for most jobs which require a Bachelor or Master title. When we had to do these tests we stumbled upon the fact that there was hardly enough practice material to be found on the web. Don’t get us wrong! There are a lot of sites about psychometric tests and pre-employment aptitude tests. Most of the time they contain a large amount of information about what to expect on the test day and this can be helpful. However if you ask around a little bit in the company were you are applying or with fellow graduates you will mostly obtain a pretty detailed idea about what you can expect. This is of course more accurate then reading a website on the internet since they are far more general in most cases because of regional differences in testing standards around the globe.

After asking around we got a pretty good idea about what to expect on our specific test and we figured we needed practice material. When searching the web we found a lot of sites which either provided only a small amount of test questions or charged us a lot of money to get access to content of which the quality was hard to assess beforehand, since we had to pay to get access. This kept us clicking from site to site for days and although we both got the first job we applied for, we wanted to make this easier for future graduates who are in the same test stress as we were in.

So this is how the idea for Fibonicci was devised. However this meant we had to compose practice tests, we had to design a website and market it efficiently so people would be able to find us within the tons of rubbish which can be found on the web. For a seasoned web developer this may all be pretty straightforward however we had zero to none web design experience, we knew even less about SEO and marketing techniques and on top of it all the design of practice tests proved to be a hell of a job which we clearly underestimated. Still after 8 months of studying and hard work we managed to come up with the first version of Fibonicci in Dutch.

However this was only a first version and during the creative process of devising the website we of course came up with a lot of new ideas. Also some of our initial ideas proved impossible due to our lack of web designing experience. So after finishing the initial version we were full of ideas and we wanted broaden the content and expand to other languages. Currently our goal is to make the best, biggest and most renowned test practice website in the world. This of course is an ongoing project and will take years before completion, but its a hobby and we love to do it so this will keep us busy for a while.

We hope you enjoy browsing trough Fibonicci and more importantly we hope we can actually help you pass whatever kind of test with flying colours!

The Fibonicci team!