Assessment, IQ and Aptitude Test Training


Do you need to practice for an aptitude test, assessment test or IQ test? You probably spend hours on a perfect resume and preparing answers for difficult interview questions that you are likely going to face during an admission or job interview, but what if you are expected to take an assessment or psychometric test?

Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are part of psychometric tests to determine if you are fit for a certain job. Aptitude tests are designed to test your intelligence, but you can practice for them. Fibonicci offers Aptitude Test Online training exercises in a lot of different categories, like:



Just select the test you need to practice and develop your intellectual capacity by doing these small intellectual exercises. Don’t let our hard tests scare you by the way! These are meant to be real brain crackers and they belong among the hardest you’ll find on the internet!

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